Love with Less Lies

Fast Track Your Dating Success and Build an Amazing Relationship

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Frustrated By The World of Dating These Days?

It's time to boost your success, build your confidence and find real love, sooner!

💕 How to Find Love With Less Lies 💕

Stay safe on the dating scene, dodge the time wasters, the truth-hiders and the heart-breakers and find your Mr. Amazing... Faster!

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Boost Your Confidence to Find Love Sooner
Increase your self worth and build the confidence to talk to anyone. Remove the fear of getting to know someone new, equipped with great questions that will uncover the important things sooner.
Learn to Invest in Yourself and Your Love Life
Ever considered how much you spend on other aspects to look good and attract a great partner. This course promises to be a better investment than the new shoes and the taxi ride to the club.
Notice the Tell Tale Signs of Lies and Deception
Little white lies might slip though without pain, but what about the big ones that can impact your life. Learn how to make it harder for someone to lie and how to spot it if they do.

Ask the Right Questions in the Right Way - Without Interrogating Him
With access to hundreds of powerful questions and guidance on how to ask them, or not to ask them, the dating game just became a whole lots easier – and more fun!
Find Out How To Move On Quickly if he is NOT Your Mr Amazing
Guilty of letting the wrong person linger in your life even though you know they are not the amazing partner you deserve? Have more confidence to decide if he is in or out.
Encourage More Truthful and Honest Conversations
Without knowing it, you may be pushing truth away. Find out how to see things differently and get people to be more honest and open from the start.


“How to Find Love With Less Lies is an amazing program, it opened up my eyes and gave me confidence to shake off the past and go after what I want. Mr Amazing…look out, here I come!"

- Melissa

“The program helped me to re-frame my mindset and also helps to detect BullShit quicker!

- Michelle

Can you relate to any of these experiences? If so, it's time to change!

Had your heart broken?
Avoid the pain of attracting and choosing a guy that doesn’t want what you want. Protect yourself and your heart by getting it right from the start.
Always falling for the wrong guy?
Break the pattern and find a guy that will light up your world. Doing the same thing will get the same results. Time to shake things up.
Believed a lie and didn’t see it coming?
Know how to read people better and feel safe to again trust. Clear the emotional blocks and take action to attract more truth and become more aware.

"This program has taught me to believe in me and the universe again. I have faith in something I thought I would never have the chance to feel. I am a better person for this experience. Thank you".

- Marg S

Just having better questions to ask helped give me more confidence from the start. Thank you Elly x”

- Emily


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"Yesterday I said to one of my friends, we’ll have to set me up on on a dating profiles and they’re like, “hey, you don’t need them,all these guys are coming to you right now” and that’s just from doing this course…”

- Karen

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